Draw Your Diagrams with a New Version 7.71

New version fixes a lot of found bugs.
  • Fixed resizing of ERD entities with larger padding
  • Fixed copying of diagrams
  • Fixed application crash when loading data from not accessible data source
  • Fixed applying padding to comment
  • Fixed copying of relationships between nested elements when copying container
  • Fixed loading of groups with containers with nested elements
  • Fixed application crash when file with tool settings is corrupted
  • Fixed creation of multiple projects on double click in search box list item on start page
  • Fixed updating text box position when renaming a node and scroll the project tree
  • Fixed application crash when creating new project with a diagram and windows is not completely visible
  • Fixed missing dialog with asking to save on program exit after editing TO-DOs
  • Fixed showing of trailing colon in a diagram frame after reloading a project


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