Parsing C++, Ruby and Improved Stability

New version improves source code parsing, adds new supported programming languages - C++ and Ruby and fixes found bugs.

Except for bug fixing, version 8.10 brings interesting improvements in source code parsing. The parser was completely rewritten and it has significantly higher reliability. There are also new supported programming languages - now you can parse also Ruby or C++ programs.

New Features and Improvements

  • Completely redone source code parser
    • Very high reliability
    • Support for class nesting
    • Improved generics and properties
    • Support for default values of parameters
    • Support for delegates, events
  • Added C++ source code parsing
  • Added Ruby source code parsing
  • Added support for delete from cursor to word beginning (CTRL+Backspace) and from cursor to word end (CTRL+Delete)
  • First non-empty source code (instead of first one in list) is displayed in Body tab in Operation dialog
  • Elements parsed using Smart Parser sidebar are auto-sized and better placed
  • Enhanced auto identifying language of source code in Smart Parser
  • Dragging, resizing, moving can be cancelled using ESC key [RQ#398]
  • Right-drag over container offers connection to new elements

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed adding attributes, operations and parameters with multi-dimensional array types [RQ#394]
  • Fixed application crash when loading toolbox with a specific configuration
  • Fixed CTRL+arrow navigation in code editor
  • Fixed word selection using double click in code editor
  • Fixed auto size for big elements
  • Fixed application crash when rendering empty diagram with linear gradient background and turned on option Show Borders [RQ#399]
  • Small fixes to rectangular lines
  • Fixed application crash when try to delete a interface copied to another diagram [RQ#397]
  • Fixed application crash when pressing ESC while dragging [RQ#398]
  • Fixed layouting fields
  • Fixed sending requests and error messages
  • Fixed undefined visibility in source code generation
  • Fixed application crash when pressing Tab in empty diagram


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