Improved attributes and operations in version 8.20

New version 8.20 adds new modifiers to attributes and operations and improves displaying relationships in the project tree.

Add Related Elements using Context Menu

It has been possible to add related elements using right-drag, now you can do it also using a standard context menu shown after right-click on an element.

Add Connection

Relationship in Project Tree

New version allows you identify a relationship in the project tree much easier. The name of a start and an end element is displayed for each relationship.


New Attribute and Operation Modifiers

Attributes and operations got new modifiers. Now you can model even more details.

Attribute Dialog

New Features and Improvements

  • Added attribute properties:
    • New modifiers: id, readOnly, union, sequence
    • Subsets, Redefines
    • Uniqueness
  • Added operation properties:
    • Query, ordered, unique
    • Constraints
    • Redefines
  • List of stereotypes for attributes and operations moved to a separated tab
  • Added Add Connection to context menu for diagram elements
  • Added Delete to context menu for tabs with diagrams and models
  • Improved displaying relationships in project tree - displayed names of start and end element
  • Changed default auto layout for database import and XMI import to enhanced smart layout
  • Extension points are hidden by default
  • New icon for list of open tabs in tab bar
  • Improved Model Overview look&feel
  • Improved point locking when moving horizontal or vertical line of rectangular relationship

Fixed Bugs

  • Changed displaying of context menu item Remove field to Remove 'Name' instead of Remove 'Full field declaration'
  • Fixed binding referenced parts of elements in special cases [RQ#404]
  • Fixed tab order of controls in Database Selection dialog
  • Fixed application crash when try to import a database table with a reserved keyword as its name
  • Fixed showing Properties using context menu from Project Tree sidebar in Element List mode
  • Fixed updating layout after moving up/down a field


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