Better Project Comparison and Various Improvements in Version 8.30

Version 8.30 brings more than 50 improvements including various bug fixes. A lot of improvements was made in the project comparsion feature. Also reverse engineering of MS SQL databases was improved together with the code generation.

New Features and Improvements

  • Improved comparison
    • More precise comparison
    • Results with more details
    • Support for merging field (attributes, operations, etc.)
    • Comparison of nested models
  • Added Expand All, Collapse All buttons for comparison results in Comparison window
  • Select active diagram in project tree
  • Select active model in project tree
  • Added enable/disable layer
  • Added lock/unlock layer [RQ#392]
  • Displaying stereotypes in project tree
  • New template language commands: Now, Today
  • Editor dialog for attributes and operations can be shown directly from diagram (using context menu for attributes/operations)
  • Improved grid control rendering
  • Operation parameters can be reordered in dialog using move buttons or using drag&drop
  • Name of attribute/operation is selected when class is navigated using down/up keys
  • Added 'Associate New Diagram' to context menu in project tree
  • Added 'Associate Existing Diagram' to context menu in project tree
  • Improved database reverse engineering
    • Resolving column description
    • Resolving table description
    • Resolving primary key name
    • Resolving foreign key name
  • Added autoscroll to project tree
  • Added border to panel with associated diagrams
  • Added generation of descriptions for MS SQL script
  • Added support for automatic creation of points to rectangular relationships
  • Improved naming of foreign keys in generated SQL scripts
  • Improved connecting of required and provided interfaces
  • Added details to exception message box
  • Updated Russian translation (thanks to Maxim Yermolaev)

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed refreshing a project name in the project tree after renaming elsewhere
  • Fixed rendering of long types in autocomplete list
  • Fixed saving element visibility
  • Fixed editing line [RQ#406]
  • Fixed application crash when generating an interactive documentation [RQ#407]
  • Fixed wrong z-order in duplicated diagram [RQ#408]
  • Fixed auto-size of grid columns
  • Fixed showing scrollbar in grid control when last rows are collapsed
  • Fixed application crash when trying to duplicate a code template and nothing is selected
  • Fixed application crash when trying to add a code template and no language is chosen
  • Fixed updating window title after saving as new file
  • Fixed adding element to container after drag&drop from another diagram
  • Fixed application crash when try to add multiple elements with unsupported tools
  • Fixed showing Start Page when it is already open in another window
  • Fixed application crash when trying to navigate an invalid link
  • Fixed application crash when adding fields to SysML Block
  • Fixed application crash when remove fields from SysML Block
  • Fixed application crash when editing attribute or operation in dialog after removing another attribute or operation
  • Fixed refreshing of attribute/operation grid after editing
  • Fixed application crash when trying to add a message to a lifeline in UML Communication Diagram [RQ#411]
  • Fixed rare application crash when trying to add an element to a diagram and snaplines are turned on
  • Fixed application crash when trying to add a filter to a file of a source code template
  • Fixed refresh of diagram after removing point of relationship
  • Fixed editing of default style set [RQ#379]
  • Fixed application crash on opening Properties dialog for shape [RQ#413]


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