Version 8.31

New version is mainly a fix release. It fixes reported and discovered bugs. There are also a few small improvements.

New Features and Improvements

  • Added support for tagged values in Hierarchical Task Analysis diagram [RQ#422]
  • Template processing - Separate setting for adjustments of file names and names inside files
  • Template processing - new option for name adjustment - names with hyphens
  • Updated Russian translation (thanks to Maxim Yermolaev)

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed closing undocked project windows on closing project [RQ#424]
  • Fixed application crash when deleting element in Element Browser [RQ#423]
  • Fixed misspelling "streotypes" in interactive documentation [RQ#420]
  • Fixed setting incorrect type in Attribute/Operation/Parameter dialog - part in parenthesis was duplicated to a new type [RQ#419]
  • Fixed application crash at loading of SysML Block diagram
  • Fixed application crash when resize an element to zero [RQ#417]
  • Fixed links for diagram thumbnails in Interactive Documentation template [RQ#416]
  • Fixed with resetting text cursor in output file combo box in Interactive Documentation dialog [RQ#416]
  • Fixed handling of folder names in Interactive Documentation dialog [RQ#416]
  • Fixed long name overlapping in Interactive Documentation template [RQ#416]
  • Fixed 1px gray lines on left and top border of exported diagram (or copied to bitmap)
  • Fixed a rare case of unconnecting diagram element from its model
  • Fixed auto navigation to an element in a nested model from project tree



Chris Simmons 31 March 2015 22:31:33

Excellent work!

Thank you, Dusan, for your quick work on these issues. I've installed the new version and everything you mention has been addressed.

Dusan Rodina - 1 April 2015 16:18:16

RE: Excellent work!

You're welcome!

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