Qualified Associations in Version 8.35

Version 8.35 brings many improvements and bug fixes. The highlight of this version is Qualified Associations.
qualifier example

New Features and Improvements

  • Added Qualified Associations [RQ#421]
  • Added text boxes for start and end role to ERD relationship dialog
  • Added support for multiple inheritance to Python source code generation [RQ#428]
  • Added new commands to the template language:
    • For UML State: StateInvariant, Actions, Do, Entry, Exit
    • For UML State Action: Behavior, Name, Owner, Uid
    • For UML Association: Qualifiers
    • For Qualifier: Name, Type, TypeName
  • Superclasses can be ordered using tagged value SortIndex on generalizations
  • Grips for control points of line are not displayed when auto path is enabled
  • Default type of ERD relationship is chaned to Identifying
  • Added .hpp extension to filter for C++ files in Source Code import dialog
  • Added direct suport for description to ERD entities
  • ERD entity description and ERD attribute description can be displayed on diagram

Fixed Bugs

  • Added some missing translations/texts for labels
  • Fixed application crash when rendering a diagram description after copy&paste [RQ#434]
  • Fixed rare exception of application crash when move cursor over an element
  • Fixed rare application crash at rendering of diagram
  • Fixed application crash when trying to save a grid (UI diagram) after deleting row or column with filled cells
  • Fixed rendering of empty rows in grid (UI diagram)
  • Fixed application crash when trying to open missing or corrupted file at new start of application
  • Fixed rare application crash when editing ERD entity attributes on diagram
  • Fixed application crash when trying to import database with tables with same names in different schemas
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