Version 8.40 - Remembered Views on Diagrams

Software Ideas Modeler 8.40 remembers the last view on each diagram, so you can continue where you ended at last saving. Also the last state of expansion of the project tree can be restored when you choose the option Restore Saved State for the Initial Expansion. You can also find another interesting improvements in this new version.

New Features and Improvements

  • Last view location and zoom is remembered for each diagram
  • New initial expansion option for project tree: Restore Saved State
  • Diagram can be open on background from Model Overview window using middle click
  • Added option to set background color of diagram in Model Overview to none
  • Added new template commands:
    • Coalesce
    • For ERD Entity: Description
  • Improved MS SQL database import - table description is parsed to ERD entity description
  • Default type of ERD relationship is changed to Identifying also for toolbox tools
  • Improved MS SQL code generation - table description is generated from ERD entity description (if empty, from tagged value description - for backward compatibility)
  • Name of actor is movable label with size independent from element [RQ#418]
  • Improved labeled elements - label is automatically anchored to the nearest side
  • After adding a new qualifier in Qualifiers dialog, the edit box for the qualifier name will be focused

Fixed Bugs

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