Version 8.45 - Improved Project Tree

Highlights of this version are improvements of the project tree. It has a new permanently visible search box. You can also set the behavior of navigation to item in the Options (Project Tree tab) - you can choose between opening/navigating on single click or double click. New version also fixes found bugs.

New Features and Improvements

  • Added option for navigation to item in the project tree (single click/double click)
  • Added a permanently visible search box to the project tree [RQ#431]
  • New print range setting - print only selection [RQ#376]
  • Select Active Diagram/Model button expands the collapsed nodes to show the active node
  • Alphabetical order of tables in Database Sidebar
  • Displaying schemas of tables in Database Sidebar
  • Added Disconnect button to Database Sidebar
  • Updated Russian translation (thanks to Maxim Ermolaev)

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed source code generation of foreign keys in SQL DDL (fixed evaluation of PrimaryKeyEntity, ForeignKeyEntity)
  • Fixed not working menu shortcut keys in the indepedent window dragged out from the main window [RQ#438]
  • Fixed renaming in the project tree - edit box cannot be displayed during drag&drop
  • Fixed rendering multiline names in the project tree
  • Fixed special case of incorrect calculation of end point of relationship attached to ellipse-shaped element
  • Fixed application crash when adjusting a complex rectangular line without control points
  • Fixed auto size for ERD entity with filled but not displayed description
  • Fixed auto size for ERD entity without attributes or with hidden attributes
  • Fixed refreshing the database sidebar after connecting a database
  • Fixed not displaying collapsed nodes when are found using search box
  • Fixed updating bounds of ERD entity attribute after switching primary or foreign key
  • Fixed application crash when dropping unsupported object to the project tree


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