Better C++ Code Generation and Remembered Print Settings

New version 8.55 brings several small improvements and fixes reported bugs. The improvements includes better source code generation for C++, remembering of last print settings and better evaluation of auto snap lines in sequence diagrams.

New Features and Improvements

  • Remembering of last settings for print
  • Improved C++ source code generation - added support for multiple inheritances and for all inheritance types (public, protected, private)
  • Improved auto snap lines for sequence diagram

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed auto size for lifelines
  • Fixed adjusting position according to create message [RQ#444]
  • Fixed application crash when try to do a shaping action with not supported elements
  • Fixed application crash when try to delete an element from custom diagram without elements
  • Fixed layout of some controls in Options form
  • Fixed desynchronized requirement table with requirement diagram after loading [RQ#443]
  • Removed abstract elements from drop down list in Convert dialog
  • Added some missing localization strings


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