Version 9.05 - Small Improvements and Fixes

This release fixes a lot of bugs and it brings also some small improvements. Folder Overview was enhanced - it shows also nested folders now.

Another interesting new feature is showing information about changes in the project tree. Three symbols are used for this information: plus (+) for new items, asterisk (*) for changed items and X for deleted items.

Generated SQL scripts are better formatted now - the unnecessary empty lines were removed.

New Features and Improvements

  • Added nested folders to Folder Overview
  • Added information about changes to the project tree
  • Improved formatting of generated SQL scripts
  • If no element is selected, an active diagram or folder is used for action Accept/Reject Changes
  • The guard of Interaction Operand can be set immediately after adding
  • UML State Region, UML Timing Lifelines can be named immediately after adding
  • Added inline renaming for UML Timing Frame
  • Displaying stereotypes and tagged values on Timing frame

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed application crash when presssing TAB on an empty diagram
  • Fixed wrong undo of change of change tracking state after some actions
  • Fixed application crash when adding a relationship from attribute to another attribute with different types in E-R diagram
  • Fixed resolving foreign key of self-references in E-R diagram for script generation
  • Fixed undoing added relationship on model level
  • Fixed application crash when loading a project file with an element with an owned element reference which was already deleted [RQ#455]
  • Fixed application crash when setting style to drawing element using Properties dialog
  • Fixed generation SQL script for data update
  • Fixed change tracking of ERD entity schema
  • Fixed namespace and package evaluation in source code generation
  • Fixed Accept All Changes and Reject All Changes to include also diagrams and folders
  • Fixed label anchor settings for UML Transition (UML State Machine Diagram) and UML Control Flow (UML Activity Diagram)
  • Fixed omitting smooth scroll in a special case
  • Fixed application crash when try to switch orientation of BPMN Lane
  • Fixed application crash when undoing added BPMN Lane
  • Fixed some actions which add new elements in tracking state 'Changed' instead of 'Added'
  • Fixed sorting attributes, operation, stereotypes descending
  • Fixed undo for context commands - model of a created element remains in its repository after undoing the created element
  • Fixed missing undo/redo for Add Layer command
  • Fixed layout problem with overlapping of actions and nested regions in UML State
  • Fixed cooperation panel in Properties dialog
  • Fixed rending the label of labeled elements when displayed its parent name and custom ID
  • Fixed unexpected size after creation UML Conditional Node and UML Loop Node
  • Fixed saving of class source codes
  • Fixed one step delay in distance snap evaluation


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