Better UML Activities and Frames, Improved Work with Groups and More in 9.10

New version brings 23 improvements and it fixes all discovered bugs. A lot of these improvements is related to UML Activities and Frames and work in diagram editor.

UML Activity supports precondition and postcondition now. It's parameters can be edited also using the Properties dialog. Parameters of an activity are displayed below its name (this can be disabled using menu Element / Show Parts / Show Fields).

Frame can contain parameters now and its type can be changed using context menu.

The new version prevents unwanted small moves of elements after their selection. There is a new parameter which allows you to define the threshold when the moving should start. (Threshold is a distance in pixels from the position where the mouse button was pressed. The default threshold is set to 20.) This settings affects only moving from element area, the behavior of move grip is not affected by this setting. If you want to preserve the original behavior from previous versions, simply set the threshold to 0.

Work with groups was improved. Now you can set a style to the grouped elements.

The Move tool (shortcut key CTRL+F5) was also improved. When you use it inside a container, the size of this container will be adjusted, so the nested elements will be not moved out.

New Features and Improvements

  • Added threshold for moving element (from inside element bounds) to prevent random moves - configurable in Options/Diagram Editor
  • Added option for disabling moving element, when dragging from inside element bounds
  • Improved Move tool - if dragging starts inside a container - it will be enlarged or shrunk (if you want only move hold CTRL)
  • Added list of frame types to Frame Properties dialog
  • Added editor of parameters to Frame Properties dialog
  • Added editor of parameters to Activity Properties dialog
  • Activity Parameter Node can be attached to Frame border
  • Frame element added to UML common group in Toolbox
  • Container preferred action is move if its only nested elements are elements attached to border
  • Show frame check box moved to Frame tab from Style tab
  • Added type, default value, multiplicity, ordering, uniqueness, direction to UML Activity Parameter Node
  • Added precondition and postcondition to UML Activity
  • Activity parameters can be attached to diagram frame (diagram frame becomes a real element)
  • Displaying list of activity parameters in the owning activity
  • Added support for styling to element groups
  • New context bar button for Activity: Add Parameter
  • If all grouped elements are in the same container the created group will remain in this container
  • Added Frame type change using context menu
  • Separate UML and SysML frame
  • Improved auto snaplines for class with provided and required interfaces
  • Improved inserting required interfaces using drag&drop
  • Improved mouse wheel scrolling in code editor and grid - system setting of scroll lines is used
  • Update Russian translation (thanks to Maxim Ermolaev)

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed unreleased lock on a project file when the loading is cancelled in the dialog with new version warning
  • Fixed updating position of grips for group of selected elements after trying to move border elements in not allowed direction
  • Fixed diagram menu rendering - top row was disappearing when scrolling
  • Fixed application crash when loading a formatted text with a table
  • Fixed problem with disabled context menu item Add Multiple in toolbox for UI elements
  • Fixed application crash when copy&paste resource item
  • Fixed problem with shifted labels on relationships after reloading project [RQ#457]
  • Fixed problem with shifted labels on labeled elements when loading project from older versions
  • Fixed work with Timing frames in Timing diagram
  • Fixed source code generation for Ruby - non-class elements are omitted from generation
  • Fixed application crash when converting an element to another type


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