Enhanced Diagram Drawing, Better Autocomplete and Referenced Default Value

Version 9.20 includes more than 20 new features and improvements. Relationships can be detached and moved to other elements. Auto complete was completely reworked - it supports multiplicities and default values. If you set an enumeration as a type, you can reference one of its items as a default value. If this item changes, all references will follow this change.


Auto Complete

Auto complete supports types, values and multiplicities.

Auto complete

Drag & Drop Multiple Elements

Drag and drop is not restricted only to single element from this version.

Drag & drop multiple elements

Drag & Drop Target

If an element is dragged over another element - this element is highlighted to be clear that it is a target of the following actions.

Right drag&drop target

Move Relationship

Relationship can be easily detached from elements and moved to other elements.

Move relationship to other elements

New Features and Improvements

  • Right drag supports dragging multiple elements
  • Enumeration items can be referenced as default value
  • Auto complete for default value
  • Auto complete for multiplicity
  • Added combo box for default value of Attribute, Operation, Operation Parameter and Property
  • Added button for setting classifier as a type (for attribute, operation return, operation parameter, property)
  • Improved inserting relationships using drag&drop
  • Improved connecting relationships to elements - non-relationship elements are preferred
  • Relationship end can be detached from an element [RQ#414]
  • Relationship can be moved using Move grip (and also attached to other elements) [RQ#463]
  • Improved relationship selection - line is preferred over label
  • Selection setting for ignoring labels
  • Highlighting target element when using right drag&drop and cursor is over another element
  • Improved syntax template language command ForEach - ForEach(item) - optional iteration variable
  • Added new command to template language: Union - joins multiple enumerations into single one
  • Added new command to template language: DefaultValueReference (Attribute)
  • Added new command to template language: HasAttributes (ERD Entity)
  • Added new commands to template language: GetAddedItems(oldItems, newItems), GetRemovedItems(oldItems, newItems), GetChangedItems(oldItems, newItems)
  • Added transition from class to enumeration to right drag&drop context menu
  • Improved layout of classifier picker dialog (new tree control, icons, searching, repository hierarchy)
  • Moving threshold is applied only for moving from inside an element
  • Including attributes of ERD entities to documentations
  • Added support for alignment to RTF export
  • Added support for unique indexes in SQL DDL script generation
  • Displaying default value on UML Part
  • Attribute dialog can be closed using ESC key

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed snapping of relationship end to an element after changing the element
  • Fixed rendering hops on relationship ends
  • Fixed refresh of snap lines
  • Fixed aligning to snap lines and grid for right drag copy
  • Fixed label editing - labels of selected relationships are preferred over other labels
  • Fixed application stack overflow exception in special case of diagram
  • Fixed editing inline UML communication lifeline name - type was not included
  • Fixed binding list of attributes and operations for redefines, subsets when new attribute/operation is added in dialog
  • Fixed selection after grouping and ungrouping elements
  • Fixed exporting tables to RTF format
  • Fixed exporting strikethrough text to RTF format
  • Fixed copying style to group of elements using right drag&drop
  • Fixed generation of index changes in SQL DDL script generation
  • Fixed multiple highlighted controls in Attribute dialog


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