Selection of Multiple Fields and Batch Actions for Them

The new version 9.30 is aimed on improvements for fields. The code about fields was completely rewritten. A field can be selected, actually, also multiple fields can be selected at once. You can drag and drop them for copy or move. Some fields (which were not editable from diagram at all) supports inline editing.
Operations with fields

New Features and Improvements

  • Added multiple field selection
  • Added selection tool setting 'Select fields'
  • Actions can be performed for multiple fields at once (remove, change type/visibility/modifiers)
  • Copy/move of multiple selected fields using drag&drop
  • Distinguished SHIFT and CTRL for area selection (SHIFT - for xor/invert modification of selection, CTRL - for adding to selection)
  • Style side bar supports setting a style for multiple selected elements and fields
  • ERD Indexes can be renamed directly in diagram
  • Tagged values can be edited directly in diagram
  • Double click on a container opens Properties dialog
  • UML Object Attribute switches to edit mode after adding (as other fields)
  • Template parameters can be copied/moved to another class using drag&drop
  • Stereotypes can be copied/moved to another element using drag&drop
  • Tagged values can be copied/moved to another element using drag&drop
  • Stereotypes and tagged values can be removed using context menu
  • UML State Actions can be copied/moved from a UML state to another one using drag&drop
  • UML Object Attributes can be copied/moved from a UML object to another one using drag&drop
  • SysML fields can be copied/moved from a SysML Block to another element using drag&drop
  • Displaying full descriptive names in element grids (View/Element Grids/)
  • Some optimizations for multi core processors
  • Improved rotation - nested elements are rotated with its container, group of elements supports rotation

Fixed Bugs

  • Target highlight is not used for dragging an element inside a container and for new elements from toolbox
  • Fixed cancelling edited field after changing style using context bar
  • Fixed rendering of UML State with not displayed tagged values
  • Fixed labels in ERD Index dialog
  • Fixed displaying tagged value with reference to an element
  • Fixed deleting attribute value of UML Objects in diagram editor
  • Fixed inappropriate displaying of distance information when targeting drag&drop action to an element
  • Fixed moving group of elements with an unconnected relation
  • Fixed moving group of elements when a relation is active
  • Fixed problem with lost style of a field after its copying
  • Fixed application crash when using relationship tool in a special case [RQ#464]
  • Fixed application crash when trying to set a style to group of elements which contains two and more instances of a model element


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