Diagram Orientation and Fixes - Version 10.01

The new version brings several bug fixes, improved look and feel of the main application window and a new diagram page option - diagram orientation.

New Features and Improvements

  • Improved design of application windows, especially on Windows 8
  • Option to set diagram orientation (Diagram/Page Setup/Orientation) [RQ#471]

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed non-working title buttons in Windows 7 when non standard DPI is set [RQ#469]
  • Fixed layout of Source Code Template Editor for non standard DPI [RQ#472]
  • Fixed application crash when selecting diagram paper size [RQ#470]
  • Fixed application crash when editing in code editor
  • Fixed fullscreen
  • Fixed application crashes in layers sidebar when diagram of displayed layers was deleted
  • Fixed saving layer as a macro command argument
  • Fixed application crash when clicking on a diagram type node in Project Tree pane (Diagram Types mode)
  • Fixed displaying deleted diagrams among diagrams in Project Tree pane in Diagram Types mode
  • Fixed using editor tools in separate diagram editor windows
  • Fixed clearing auto snaplines after double click on an element


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