New Snap Grid Types, Better Types and Tagged Values in Version 10.10

The new version 10.10 improves tagged values and work with types. It adds new grid types - crosses and dots.


New Grid Types

Now there is not only one grid type - except classic squares there are 2 new options: crosses and dots.

Grid Types - Crosses and Dots
Grid Types - Crosses and Dots

Improved Default Tagged Values Targeting

Default tagged values can be defined for stereotype or combination of stereotypes.

Improved Default Tagged Values Targeting
Improved Default Tagged Values Targeting

New Features and Improvements

  • Added setting for project default type set
  • Added setting for folder default type set
  • Types from other than default type set are displayed with prefix
  • Displaying types with prefix in context menu and auto complete
  • Only types from type set of current type or from default type set are displayed in context menu Change Type
  • Field type is displayed as checked in Choose Type sub menu
  • Added grid type option:
    • Default (lines)
    • Crosses
    • Dots
  • Added support for different default tagged values for stereotyped elements
  • Added confirmation message box on close into several dialog: Default Tagged Value Editor, Attribute Editor, Operation Editor, Operation Parameter Editor, Enumeration Item Editor, Constraint Editor

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed saving default value for default tagged values
  • Fixed saving changes after editing a default tagged value second and other times
  • Fixed binding default tagged values for attributes, operations and operation parameters
  • Removed redundant About item from File/Help submenu [RQ#474]
  • Send request is disabled when it is not available [RQ#474]
  • Fixed hidding toolbox when documentation editor is active
  • Fixed adding SysML Constraints and Operations using context bar


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