Version 10.15 - Useful Improvements

The new version fixes the reported bugs. There are also several useful improvements which make your diagramming easier.


Now, it is easier to choose a correct style also in the Properties dialog. Style previews are displayed in the combo box drop down list.

Style Preview
Style Preview

Maybe you would prefer another distance between elements than the default one (100px) when inserting elements using the context bar. Show it once to Software Ideas Modeler and it will follow your example for the other inserted elements.

Enhanced Element Inserting
Enhanced Element Inserting

New Features and Improvements

  • Improved inserting elements using context bar - the last distance is used
  • Added sub menu Relationship to label context menu
  • Improved rendering of UML Node - text is rendering inside a rectangle and not throught the cube borders
  • Added style previews to style class drop down in Properties dialog (Style tab)
  • Default tagged values are alphabetically ordered by default in the editor dialog
  • Enumerated items of tagged value are alphabetically ordered

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed object flow to control flow for some default uml activity diagram transitions
  • Fixed context menu action Auto Size for label
  • Fixed inserting preconditions to use case template
  • Fixed application crash when selecting a ERD entity attribute after editing in Properties dialog
  • Fixed corrupted context menus after moving a diagram editor form out of the main window
  • Fixed autocomplete for ERD entity attribute
  • Fixed smart delete - if an element is deleted from its last diagram but it is used as a type, it will remain in the model now
  • Fixed application crash when converting a class diagram with a relationship to another element than class
  • Fixed sometimes non-working copy&paste using keys in Use Case Editor
  • Fixed application crash when pasting hierarchical use case flow events
  • Fixed non working actions from sub menus in the documentation sidebar [RQ#476]
  • Fixed missing style classes in style class drop down when default style set is used


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