New Diagram Type Grafcet and Improved User Interface Diagram in v10.20

This version introduces a new diagram type Grafcet. Also a new element type was added to user interface diagram - Field List. It may reference a class and show list of fields by class attributes. Also UI Grid supports similar feature now.

Better User Interface Diagram

You can associate a class with a user interface diagram element - e.g. field list (grid also support this) . Now when you change the associated class, the field list will automatically change according the class attributes.

UML Class Referenced to Field List
UML Class Referenced to Field List

New Features and Improvements

  • Added new diagram type - Grafcet
  • Added new UI diagram element: Field List
  • UI grid, field list can reference a class
  • Improved inserting relationships inside a container

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed wrong calculation of position on rectangular line
  • Fixed full screen mode when window is on secondary screen
  • Fixed incorrect copying of strong text style which may lead to application crash
  • Fixed wrong renaming in project tree when a new element inserted using drag&drop was named by currently edited name
  • Fixed wrong adjusting of splitted line when inserting an element in the middle of a reversed relationship
  • Fixed non-working auto line splitting at inserting an element if it is inside a container
  • Fixed displaying type prefix of ERD entity attribute
  • Fixed application crash when setting a font with unsupported style
  • Fixed application crash after inserting DFD Process or ERD Chen Associative Entity
  • Fixed missing icons of some UI elements in project tree
  • Fixed problem with using diagram editor after closing a dialog with a documentation


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