Project (Ribbon Tab)

Project ribbon tab offers actions for editing project structure and project level lists.

Content Group

Project Group offers actions for managing project structure, which includes adding diagrams (new or existing) and folders. There is also a gallery which let you choose the diagram type easily.

Add New Diagram - Shows a New Diagram dialog where you can choose a type of the new diagram and set its name. The new diagram will be appended to the active folder.

Add Existing Diagram - Shows an open file dialog, where you select a project file, from which you want to copy existing diagram(s). Then the Add Existing Diagram dialog will be shown, where you can choose the diagrams you want to add to the current active folder of the current open project.

Add Folder - Adds a new folder to the current project.

Generate Diagram Group

Generate Diagram Group provides several tools for diagram generation. These tools create the complete diagram according the user preferences.

Hierarchy Diagram - Opens a dialog where you can define details of generated hierarchical diagram. You can choose a type of diagram, a type of connectors, a type of element (which will be used for boxes in the hierarchy) and direction of relationships (from child to parent/from parent to child). The hierarchy is defined as a simple indented text.

UML Diagram - Generates a package diagram with a hierarchy of folders in the current project. A project folder is represented by UML Package and folder nesting is shown using a containment relationship.

Project Hierarchy Diagram - Generates a new UML diagram from a text. A correct UML text notation must be used to generate a new diagram.

Aliases Group

Aliases Group provides options for aliases. Each element in project can be named by different names. The names are defined in alias groups. E.g. you can define names in several languages, the technical names and the customer friendly names. You can create as many alias groups as you want and then simply switch among them.

Create New Alias - Adds a new alias group to the current project and set it as active.

Aliases - Shows a list of alias groups defined in the current project. After choosing an alias group from this list, the project elements will be changed according the chosen alias group.

Documentation Group

Documentation Group offers actions for documenting and describing the project elements. Project can consists also from separate documentation pages, which can be managed using Project Documentation tool. The glossary helps you to maintain a common and understandable terminology inside within a project.

Project Properties... - Opens Project Properties window, where you can set the name, authors and description of the current project.

Folder Properties... - Shows the Folder Properties dialog for the active folder. This dialog allows you to set the name of the folder, the custom namespace (otherwise the default name for namespace is used) and documentation.

Project Documentation... - Opens a window with a list of all documents in the current project.

Glossary - Opens Glossary window, which allows you to add, edit and delete the glossary terms.

Tasks - Opens Task Management window, where you can manage the tasks associated with the current project.

Persons - Opens Persons window, where you can edit the list of persons associated with the current project.

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