Insert (Ribbon Tab)

Insert ribbon tab includes several actions for insertion of new contents to the active project.

Design (Ribbon Tab)

Design ribbon tab contains various actions for layout and arranging. It also provides a tools for work with style sets.

Project (Ribbon Tab)

Project ribbon tab offers actions for editing project structure and project level lists.

Diagram (Ribbon Tab)

Diagram ribbon tab provides actions for editing diagram properties, managing layers, filtering diagram content, setting its format and also tools for further processing.

Review (Ribbon Tab)

Review ribbon tab contains tools for project comparison, change tracking and some specialized helper tools.

Process (Ribbon Tab)

Process ribbon tab provides tools for reverse engineering diagrams from various sources (code, database), source code and documentation generation, template and global list management.

View (Ribbon Tab)

View ribbon tab provides application environment settings, access to project model, open windows and tools for handling macros.

File (Ribbon Tab)

The file tab contains the main actions which allows you to start your work and later to save the result or creates another output from the existing project using print/export actions.

Model (Ribbon Tab from Element Context Group)

If you select an element, another context tabs will be shown. One of these tabs is Model tab in Element context group. It allows you to adjust the model of the selected element(s).

Home (Ribbon Tab)

Home tab offers the common and most used editing actions, which include work with clipboard, text and element formatting, styling, basic arrange actions, selection, search and replace.