New Version of Software Ideas Modeler

After almost two months, there is a new version of Software Ideas Modeler with lots of new features.

The new version contains 30 new features and fixes 7 bugs. Many of these new features are significant improvements of application. Now you can use 3 new types diagrams (ERD Diagram, Requirements Diagram and User Interface Diagram) in your projects. You can insert instances of one entity into multiple diagrams and the change of this entity is immediately applied on all its instances. New version supports also visual styles of diagram elements. The exporting and generating functions are enhanced. Most important is support for generating of documentation.

New Features

+ Custom styles of diagram elements
+ Generating SQL DDL
+ Generating VB.NET source code
+ Tabbed window layout
+ New menu: Project
+ Dialog to insert a new diagram
+ New diagram: User interface
+ New diagram: Requirements diagram
+ New diagram: Entity-relationship diagram
+ Element is moved to front when changes its container
+ New button in standard toolbar: Show grid
+ Diagram element documentation
+ Generating of documentation in RTF
+ Zoom controler in the status bar
+ Context menu for the diagram and diagram elements
+ Option for locking the start and end point of interconnection lines
+ Export diagrams to WMF
+ Export diagrams to PDF
+ New type of interconnection lines: perpendicular
+ Showing the type of diagram elements in the Project panel
+ Project tree is refreshed when adding new elements to diagram
+ Entities can be shared between diagrams
+ New view on project structure: All entities
+ Only appropriate toolbars to current diagram are displayed
+ Asking before closing the window with unsaved project
+ Selecting element using CTRL key
+ Check for new version of application
+ Added section What's New in the About dialog
+ New icon of application
+ New splash screen

Fixed Bugs

* Removed flicker when switching maximized windows
* Fixed copying/pasting in Item Editor
* Fixed copying element into the same diagram
* Fixed application exit when the first window is closed
* Fixed instability when editing the element using Element Editor
* Fixed minor bug in refreshing of the selected element at zoom other than 100%
* Fixed application crash after using functions which are not available at the moment

Download Software Ideas Modeler 1.50

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