Insert Multiple Elements of Same Kind to Diagram

Instruction how to create multiple elements at once.

Sometimes you may want to add multiple classes or other elements at once. Software Ideas Modeler offers a batch tool which supports this and actually it is very simple:

  1. Choose an element in the toolbox.
  2. Right click on the tool button (e.g. Class in Class diagram), context menu will show
    Add Multiple Elements - Toolbox Context Menu
  3. Click on Add Multiple.
  4. Draw a rectangle on the diagram. This rectangle will restrict the area where the new elements will be inserted.
    Add Multiple Elements - Draw Rectangle
  5. A text edit box will appear.
  6. Type names of new elements, one name per line. How many names you set, so many elements will be inserted to the defined area.
    Add Multiple Elements - Edit Box
  7. When you finished and all elements are listed in the text box, you can click on a free space on the diagram and the elements will be inserted.
    Add Multiple Elements - Result

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