Using Glossary, you can define important terms which are used in the project. It can also contain abbreviations with their descriptions.

Glossary editor and viewer is accessible from Project ribbon tab – group Documentation or from classic menu Project / Glossary.

The new glossary item can be added using Add button in the left top bar. If you want delete an existing glossary item, you can do it using Remove button in the same top bar. It is possible to choose order of glossary terms, using the Sort button - you can sort the item by name or creation date ascending or descending.

Glossary Window
Glossary Window

A glossary item consists of these attributes:

Term – defines the name of the glossary item (abbreviation, alias)

Type – specifies the area of the term.

Meaning – describes and explains the term. The meaning can be formatted text – you can emphasize important things using bold or italic, you can use colors, highlighting or any other text formatting.

If you use a glossary term in project documentation, you can move the mouse cursor over it and the glossary item including its meaning will be displayed in a tooltip.

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