Software Ideas Modeler The Third

The new major version of Software Ideas Modeler is published and you can enjoy lots of new features and improvements it brings.

The third version of Software Ideas Modeler brings 64 new features and improvements over previous version (2.62) and fixes the founded bugs. The most significant news are five new diagram types: Interaction Overview Diagram, Composite Structure Diagram, Component Diagram, Data Flow Diagram and Mixed Diagram. The existing diagram types are extended with new elements (containment relation, n-ary association, entry point, exit point). Diagrams can be now printed directly from the application. The support for exporting to the SVG format is added.

Improved Relations

Many changes are associated with relations. In third version, you can set the ends of relations independently. The navigability specification is supported too. Now, inline editing, which could be used by other elements in previous version, is implemented also for relations. Texts of relation can be now moved to custom position.

Tool Locking

Tool is not locked as default, that's means the current tool is switching to selection tool after using it. Tool can be locked when you click the second time (or use double-click).

Improved Context Bar

Context bar is showing the tooltip, when you passing the mouse over the button. It offers also new buttons - for adding attributes and operations to class.


The diagram can be composed of several layers. You can hide and show any layer. If you decide to have diagram with only one layer, it is possible to merge all layers in the one.

Better Line Connecting

Lines of associations are better connected to the non-rectangular elements as Use Case, Decision, Initial State, etc.

Russian Localization

Thanks to Evgeniy Kolesnikov, Software Ideas Modeler can be friendlier for Russian users. In the current localization, some items related to the new features are missing, but when the localization will be updated, I publish it on this web site.

Complete List of New Features

+ New diagram type: Interaction Overview Diagram
+ New diagram type: Composite Structure Diagram
+ New diagram type: Component Diagram
+ New diagram type: Data Flow Diagram
+ New diagram type: Mixed Diagram
+ Containment relation added
+ N-ary association added (Class Diagram)
+ Entry Point element added (State Machine Diagram)
+ Exit Point element added (State Machine Diagram)
+ Export to new vector format SVG
+ Tagged values
+ Support for layers added to diagrams
+ Importing of diagram tables into the ERD diagram
+ Navigability added to UML relationships
+ Visibility added to UML relationships
+ Improved representation of UML relationship roles
+ Existing diagrams can be assigned to elements
+ Print of diagrams
+ New menu Diagram
+ Option to copy diagram to the clipboard
+ Resizing grips for element added
+ New context bar buttons for attributes and operations adding to class
+ Tab key can be used for selecting of the next element in diagram
+ Moving of elements using arrow keys (also combinations with Shift)
+ Elements can be moved precisely using menu commands for moving (Custom, Left, Right, Down, Up)
+ Elements can be resized precisely using menu commands for resizing (Custom, Inflate, Deflate, Wider, Narrower, Higher, Lower)
+ New tools for faster adding of relations with specific start and end multiplicities in ERD diagrams
+ New '1..n' multiplicity for ERD relations added
+ New curve style of relation line added
+ Improved moving and resizing of relations with more points
+ Improved resizing of group of selected elements
+ Inline editing of relation texts
+ Relation texts can be moved
+ Grouping of elements
+ Icons added for elements in project tree in side bar
+ Expand all button added in the tab Project in side bar
+ Generating of ERD diagrams from UML class diagrams
+ Displaying of button names in the context toolbar
+ Improved positioning of the context toolbar
+ New Edit menu items: Invert Selection and Select All of Same Type
+ Key shortcuts added for some menu items
+ Small improvements in editing of activity diagram
+ Improved calculation of size of the text box for inline editing
+ Text search in project
+ View is navigated to the selected element when it is selected in the project tree
+ Default value property added to attributes of class
+ Support of abstract and virtual modifiers added to attributes and operations of class
+ Parameters added to operations of class
+ Dialog for class operation editing
+ Trailing colon is hidden when no type is defined for class attribute
+ Improved editing of UML Objects in Fast editor
+ Improved rendering of ERD Entities, UML Objects and actions in State element
+ Inline editing of ERD Entities, UML Objects and States
+ Default values for attributes of ERD Entity
+ Displaying of visibility symbols for UML relationship roles
+ Optimized rendering of thumbnails in model overview
+ Optimized redrawing of the style list in the side bar
+ Opening of project files through command line (or Windows command Open With)
+ Tools can be locked/unlocked (when is tool unlocked, Selection tool is activated after using it)
+ Line of relation is better connected to the border of Use Case, Collaboriation, Decision, Intial State and Final State
+ Link to Online Help added into the Help menu
+ Synchronized zoom control, zoom combobox and zooming using the mouse wheel
+ New icons for diagrams and some new toolbar icons
+ Improved default style set

Fixed Bugs

* Fixed styling of state name, which was styled as other text
* Fixed resizing of elements through mouse wheeling - size cannot go into negative numbers now
* Fixed swapped start and end multiplicities in ERD relations
* Fixed saving of documentation
* Fixed incorrect rendering of the grid at zoom other than 100%
* Fixed saving of visibility of attributes and operations when editing using dialog
* Fixed application crash which causes a specific undo-redo sequence
* Other stability fixes


Download Software Ideas Modeler 3.0 (ZIP package)
Download Software Ideas Modeler 3.0 (Setup)

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