User Stories, BPMN 2.0 and Better Diagramming - Version 10.50

Software Ideas Modeler 10.50 brings many improvements and fixes. The highlights of the new version are User Stories, improved BPMN 2.0, improved diagramming, non-disturbing message boxes during diagram editing. That is not everything - there is much more improvements (almost 60 overall).

User Stories

Software Ideas Modeler supports user stories now. You can capture what a user does or needs to do as part of his/her role. User stories are defined in form As (UserRole) I can (Goal) so that (Reason). Program automatically align user story boxes to the user story map. You can manage the user stories also using special User Story Browser - View / Lists / User Stories.

User Stories
User Stories

BPMN 2.0

The BPMN 2.0 standard is supported much better than in previous versions. A lot of new attributes and elements were added. Some non-conforming things were adjusted. Software Ideas Modeler supports also export to BPMN XML now.

Add Element in Element Browser

Model elements can be added without inserting elements to a diagram using a new Add Element button in Element Browser. There is also a submenu with your favorite element types.

Add Element Button with Submenu
Add Element Button with Submenu

New UI Diagram Elements

The new version brings two new UI diagram elements: On/Off Button and Numeric Box.

On/Off Button and Numeric Box
On/Off Button and Numeric Box

Non-Blocking Message Boxes

Diagram editing is more smooth now. No blocking message boxes will annoy you during diagramming.

Non-Blocking Message Box
Non-Blocking Message Box

Easier Element Connecting

The new version allows you to connect elements dragging their snap points from one element to another.

Connecting Elements
Connecting Elements

Hierarchical Model View

A new view was added to the project tree - Hierarchical Model View. It allows you to view the hierarchy of the project model.

Hierarchical Model View
Hierarchical Model View

New Features and Improvements

  • Added Add Element button to Element Browser
  • Added new view Hierarchical Model View to project tree
  • Improved Element Picker dialog - added view choice and tools for sorting, filtering and tree expansion
  • Added new diagram type: User Story Map (from Professional edition)
  • Added new BPMN elements: Group, Sub Process, Call Conversation, Sub-Conversation, Data Object Reference, Data Store Reference, Text Annotation, Association, Signal, Error, Escalation, Operation
  • Added support for non-interrupting BPMN events
  • Added support for throw BPMN events
  • Added support for BPMN participant multiplicity (minimum, maximum)
  • Added support for BPMN choreography loop type
  • Added support for BPMN event definitions
  • Improved BPMN message flow (rendering, added support for message visibility kind)
  • Updated BPMN Task, Transaction, SubProcess and Call Activity to conform the standard
  • BPMN message was changed to labelled element (label can be moved independently from the main element)
  • BPMN events can be attached to activity border
  • BPMN Event Subprocess, Subprocess and Transaction can contain nested elements
  • Added attributes to almost all BPMN elements to conform the standard
  • Added export to BPMN XML
  • New non-blocking editor dialog for diagram editing actions (container inflation, type correction)
  • Notification for auto-created types
  • Option for fixing a misspelled type name
  • Option for removing auto-created type
  • Notification when a model element is deleted from the project repository after deleting the last instance of an element
  • Option for restoring the deleted model element after deleting the last instance of an element
  • Easier element connecting using drag&drop of a snap point to another element
  • Added Numeric Box (User Interface Diagram) [RQ#1483]
  • Added On Off Button (User Interface Diagram) [RQ#1483]
  • Added setting of location for element to Ribbon/Element/Format
  • Added connection string builder dialog for MySql data source
  • Improved inserting subclasses and superclasses inside a container using the context bar
  • Ribbon bar is collapsed when no project is loaded
  • Improved XMI import
  • Relationship name can be edited immediately after its inserting when using right-drag drop between existing elements
  • Improved move tool for containers
  • Improved routing of self-relationships defined from/to exact border positions
  • Improved attaching relationships to BPMN Event and Gateway borders

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed application crash when trying to add a diagram using ribbon without a loaded project
  • Fixed non working actions in Properties sidebar
  • Fixed application crash when setting label position using Ribbon/Format/Layout/Label Position
  • Fixed resolving type from default type set for entity attribute (Entity Relationship Diagram)
  • Fixed connecting elements inside a container in a special case
  • Fixed BPMN event shape - enforced exact circle (ellipse is not allowed any more)
  • Fixed element name - BPMN Communication renamed to Conversation to comply the standard
  • Fixed rendering of BPMN condition sequence flow with rectangular or rounded rectangular line style
  • Fixed calculating diagram bounds when border element is on border of a diagram
  • Fixed application crash when switching project tree to Diagram Types mode
  • Fixed numbering in generating documents (in all formats except DOCX)
  • Fixed swapped BPMN receive and send task icons
  • Fixed preserving the current filter after refreshing the project tree
  • Fixed move tool for locked elements and sequence diagrams
  • Fixed small differences in sequence diagram layout after loading
  • Fixed moving recursive message from and to lifeline in sequence diagram
  • Fixed moving sequence messages above lifeline
  • Fixed rendering of BPMN conversation links
  • Fixed missing text shadow style property for tagged values and doubled one for stereotypes
  • Fixed displaying tagged values for relationships
  • Fixed interactive documentation to include nested folders
  • Fixed reverse engineering of relationships
  • Fixed preview of inserting relationship
  • Fixed resizing of parent containers when adding a new overflowing element with a context bar button inside a nested container
  • Fixed searching of some items using quick action box


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