XSD Reverse Engineering - Version 10.55

New version brings better work with XML schemas. It allows you to generate a diagram from XSD schema. The generation of XSD schema from UML Class Diagram was also improved.
Import XSD dialog
Import XSD Dialog

New Features and Improvements

  • Added XSD reverse engineering
  • Improved export to XSD (one schema for whole diagram, added support for enumerations, minOccurs, maxOccurs, substitionGroup, top level elements, element refs, imports, namespaces)
  • Improved relationship routing
  • Added new template language command for Model Element - Relation with optional filter parameters: type, stereotype, tag of tagged value, value of tagged value
  • Added new template language commands for type: HasClassifier, Classifier
  • Added new template language command for UML Class: GetAttribute(name), GetOperation(name)
  • Added Else part for If condition to template language
  • Added a new parameter filterType to TaggedValues command (template language) with this allowed values: start, end, contains, exact (default) - TaggedValues(filterText, filterType)

Fixed bugs

  • Fixed trial license acceptation


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