Smarter CASE Tool For Year 2017

The evolution of Software Ideas Modeler continues also in year 2017. A new version 10.60 is available now. It brings several improvements and fixes found bugs.

Auto Set Types

Let the program do more work for you. The new feature sets the missing attribute types. This is the first version of this feature and more improvement will come in next releases.

Auto Set Types
Auto Set Types

Create Association Entity

Select entities which should be associated and choose Create Association Entity from context menu. The association entity (connected with selected entities) will be inserted to the diagram. Primary keys must be defined for these entities.

Create Association Entity
Create Association Entity on Few Clicks

Include New Type Set

You want to choose a type set, but you realize it is not included to the project. Now, it is simple, just click on Ellipsis button and choose any type set - it will be included and set in one step.

Include New Type Set Easier
Include New Type Set Easier

Further Improvements

Nineteen versions of Software Ideas Modeler were released last year and several hundred improvements were implemented. In year 2017 the evolution of this CASE tool will continue and other interesting features will come. We wish you prosperous and happy new year 2017.

New Features and Improvements

  • Auto set types to UML Class/ERD Entity attributes
  • Auto resolution of relationships between elements
  • Access to type set manager from Diagram/Folder/Project properties form
  • Enabled setting of primary key, foreign key, nullability, auto-increment for multiple selected attribute at once
  • Added Properties item to context menu in Folder Overview window
  • Supported adding new rows to grid (with enabled new rows addition) using Down key
  • Added default size for types
  • Easy setting of attribute type size after changing the type to a type with a variable size
  • Selected fields are deleted first, then the selected element is deleted
  • Default values are generated as named constraints in SQL DDL
  • Deleted change-tracked element has strikethrough text in element browser
  • Simple association entity creation for selected entities (E-R diagram)
  • Sequence messages can be added using drag and drop from snap points of lifeline
  • Improved unhandled exception catching for further reporting

Fixed bugs

  • Fixed moving labels of ERD relationship
  • Fixed chain retyping in ERD diagrams (some attributes were omitted)
  • Fixed diagram refresh after chain retyping
  • Fixed application crash when confirming folder dialog without selecting a folder in source code import dialog
  • Fixed undoing deleted element to project repository instead of original repository
  • Fixed incorrect rendering of text with tabs in code editor
  • Fixed rendering of text in the end of lines in code editor
  • Fixed undo for deleting change tracked elements
  • Fixed milestone tool in Roadmap
  • Fixed sequence diagram editing


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