Better Entity Relationship Diagramming with Version 11.10

The new release brings more than 50 improvements and bug fixes. It improves general user experience, introduces several improvements for E-R diagramming and enhances C++ code parsing and generation.

Highlights of This Version

Reference Highlight

Reference Highlight
Reference Highlight

Entity Data Window

Entity Data Window
Entity Data Window

Around Center Auto Layout

Around Center Auto Layout
Around Center Auto Layout

User Interface Diagram Element Snapping

User Interface Diagram Element Snapping
User Interface Diagram Element Snapping

New Features and Improvements

  • Added highlight of related relationships and fields for a selected field
  • Added highlight of associated fields for a selected relationship
  • Option for turn on/off reference highlighting
  • Edit selected field in the diagram editor using F2 key
  • Added options for tab cycling (Ctrl+Tab)
    • Cycle in tab order
    • Cycle in last open order (default)
  • UI Scrollbar and UI Toolbars are snapped to element (e.g. Window) borders when added using drag&drop
  • Added support for key shortcuts Ctrl+C,Ctrl+V,Ctrl+X and Ctrl+A to quick action box
  • Quick action box can be cleared using Escape key
  • Added support for field range selection (using Shift key)
  • Name column in Use Case Flow Events editor is hidden by default
  • New indicator icon for ERD Entity with filled data - it displays a grid with filled data
  • Added new shortcut keys for indenting (Tab) and outdenting use case flow events (Shift+Tab)
  • Added new shortcut keys for moving up (Ctrl+Up) and moving down (Ctrl+Down) use case flow events
  • Filter button in Element/Field Browser is displayed as checked when there is a defined filter
  • Added button Remove Filter to Element/Field Browser
  • Displaying the number of currently shown items in the Element/Field Browser in status bar
  • UI List Box name can be hidden
  • UI List Box name can be edited directly in the diagram
  • Added other options to drag&drop context menu for texts: Text, Formatted Text, Comment
  • Data can be pasted to ERD data grid
  • Added new auto layer: Around Center
  • Displaying path to found element/field in Navigation sidebar
  • Improved syntax highlight for SQL DDL
  • Improved processing UML Class attributes and operations in Fast Editor
  • Improved processing ERD Entity attributes in Fast Editor [RQ#1506]
  • Added new types to MS SQL type set
  • Added new template language commands:
    • Project: Documents
    • Folder: OwnedItems, Documents
    • Document: Uid, Name, Owner, PageUrl, UniqueUrl, TypeName, CreationDate, Description, Authors, Version, Content
  • Project documents are included to generated documentation
  • Improved C++ source code parsing for operations
  • Method body source code is included to generated C++ source code [RQ#1505]

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed problem with evaluation of expressions in the custom columns in Field/Element browser when an empty line is not in the end
  • Fixed navigation in found results using navigation arrows in Navigation sidebar
  • Fixed duplicated search results for ERD entity attributes
  • Fixed random zooming of folder overview window
  • Fixed undo for diagram/folder namespace change
  • Fixed project tree refresh after renaming diagram/folder
  • Fixed right-click field selection
  • Fixed grid column auto size
  • Fixed grid scrollbar maximum after autosizing column using double-click
  • Fixed lost of unconfirmed edited text after clicking on indent/outdent in Use Case Flow Events editor
  • Fixed refresh of UI tree after editing its content
  • Fixed updating UI grid column sizes after editing its content
  • Fixed some texts
  • Fixed refreshing list of filter rules after editing a filter rule
  • Fixed missing spaces before and after operator in filter rule
  • Fixed filter rule binding
  • Fixed auto scroll on top border in grid
  • Fixed some issues with drag&drop table data to UI grid
  • Fixed problem with the stuck progress window when target file is open in another application [RQ#1507]
  • Fixed C++ source code generation
  • Fixed application crash when adding a new layer [RQ#1510]
  • Fixed taking into account the chosen project items for documentation generation
  • Fixed generation of entity self-references in SQL DDL


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