Improved Overall User Experience and Stability - Version 11.16

The new version introduces several improvements to Element Browser, enhances source code reverse engineering to diagrams and improves overall user experience and stability of the application. There is more than 50 improvements and fixes from the previous version.

New Features and Improvements

  • Added Delete button to Element Browser
  • Added option to delete all unreferenced elements from project to Element Browser
  • Elements in Element Browser can be deleted using DEL key
  • Added new server connection settings: DNS,SPN and UPN identity name
  • Improved deleting using DEL key in the project tree sidebar (+ added confirmation dialog)
  • Repository filter buttons in Element Browser moved to a single drop down button
  • Added support for multi select to Element Browser
  • Added support for multi select with keys to grid component
  • Adjusted first button position added to UI Diagram Toolbar using the context bar
  • Much faster opening of new diagram tabs
  • The default names for folder, diagrams, presentations and documents are without spaces now
  • Improved syntax highlight for C# and VB.NET in code editor
  • UML State and UML Collaboration with nested elements can be moved easier dragging their title
  • Option to set different active tabs for different instances of the same UI Tab Control
  • Improved UI Grid and UI Tab Control layout calculation
  • Different tabs of UI Tab can contain different content
  • Added support for parsing documentation comments
  • Added template command HasDocumentation for Attribute and Operation
  • Added documentation comments generation for C++ methods

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed project corruption after source code generation in some configurations [RQ#1515]
  • Fixed scrolling the Element Browser grid to top after deleting an element and after switching to another tab
  • Fixed scrolling the Field Browser grid to top after deleting an element and after switching to another tab
  • Fixed loading (Layer Diagram) Brace orientation
  • Fixed selection inside a multiple nested container - parent containers are no more selected
  • Fixed removing users on Software Ideas Server
  • Fixed profile initialization of Software Ideas Server
  • Fixed application crash in Open Server Repository File dialog
  • Fixed wrong auto size of labeled elements after renaming
  • Fixed reset name filter after switching between Element Browser and other windows
  • Fixed application crash when using Around Center layout and no element is selected
  • Fixed application crash when using Auto-Set Types and Auto-Resolve Relationships in wrong context
  • Fixed application crash when using Lock/Unlock command when there is no active selection
  • Fixed application crash when trying to filter toolbox buttons by text which is not contained by any of them
  • Fixed layout update of some UI diagram elements after renaming their parts
  • Fixed setting the type size (e.g. for varchar) when applying the type auto-fix from message panel
  • Fixed displaying wrong insert date for license file in Server Console
  • Fixed copying element after changing its style attributes [RQ#1514]
  • Fixed application crash when try to add a nested diagram to an element in a nested diagram
  • Fixed application crash when adding a diagram description element to a nested diagram
  • Fixed adding tagged values to diagram
  • Fixed radio button options for tab settings in Options dialog
  • Fixed container layout update after adding/removing elements to/from it
  • Fixed problem with adding an element to container
  • Fixed navigation to element in diagram after selecting it in the project tree
  • Fixed opening a tab for nested diagram
  • Fixed unbinding elements from their containers in nested diagrams
  • Fixed jumping elements to left bottom corner after moving a double nested container after loading
  • Fixed not working parsing and including method body from C++ to model in some cases [RQ#1513]
  • Fixed application crash when trying to make independent the model of a container element with nested elements
  • Fixed container area of tab control (improved adding toolbars)
  • Fixed some cases when an filtered-out element could be selected
  • Fixed some issues in C++ parsing

Updated 2017/08/15 22:44. Version 11.16 - Hot Fix

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed initial copying of the user profile [RQ#1516]
  • Fixed application crash when parsing some source code [RQ#1518]


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