Improved User Interface Mockups and UML Sequence Diagram Editing

Version 11.20 improves user interface diagrams and diagram drawing in general. It brings also a lot of bug fixes.

New Elements of User Interface Diagram

Expansion Table and Detail Expansion in Action
Expansion Table and Detail Expansion in Action

New Features and Improvements

  • Added Expansion Table element (User Interface Diagram)
  • Added Detail Expansion element (User Interface Diagram)
  • Added Drop Down Button (User Interface Diagram)
  • Inserting UML sequence messages using drag&drop
  • ALT key for temporary disabling any snapping and preferred sizes effects
  • Improved snapping to snap lines
  • Alternative style is applied also to UI Grid row header
  • Added support for strikethrough, superscript and subscript format to HTML export
  • Added support for numbered lists to HTML export

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed error after switching diagrams [RQ#1526]
  • Fixed UI Grid layout calculation
  • Fixed element renaming in diagram
  • Fixed activation of underlying elements when double-click a selected element
  • Fixed losing the point definition for oblique line with multiple control points after loading a project [RQ#1511]
  • Fixed unclosed lists in HTML export
  • Fixed ignoring diagram size in exported PDF documents via batch export [RQ#1527]
  • Fixed ignoring selected default folder in following File Save dialog for diagram export to image
  • Fixed saving global documentation script templates (added save alert box)
  • Fixed style of title label with active element name in Tracked Changes form
  • Fixed confusing opening a documentation template in template management tab when it is already open in a separate tab
  • Fixed application crash when trying to delete a newly created documentation template script
  • Fixed rendering lines in IDEF1X entities without attributes or keys
  • Fixed applying multi-level numbering format to formatted text


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