Improved Documentation - Software Ideas Modeler 11.25

The new versions brings several improvements in documentation generation and documentation editing. It also fixes found bugs.

New Features and Improvements

  • Added Table properties dialog (formatted text)
  • Added Border and Background dialog (formatted text)
  • Added support for cell padding (formatted text)
  • Improved default documentation template
    • Added Operation heading
    • Centered diagram image
    • Better table style
    • Added documentation for Enumeration elements
  • Added paragraph styles for 5th and 6th level headings
  • Adjusted paragraph styles
  • Added new template language command: ToSingleLine (string)
  • Added new template language command: HasNestedDocumentation (Operation)
  • Improved documentation comment generation for operation parameters (C++, C#)
  • Improved documentation comment reverse engineering to diagram
    • Parse operation parameters documentation
    • Various notation variation supported

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed application deactivation after closing Entity Data and Documentation window using Close button
  • Fixed cursor rendering in code editor
  • Fixed changed formatting of partial documentations after project documentation generation
  • Fixed saving global documentation script templates
  • Fixed indentation export to DOCX
  • Fixed application crash when using Make Independent Model
  • Fixed showing Properties dialog for Enumeration Item using context menu/Properties
  • Fixed application crash when generating interactive documentation


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