Better Documentation Templates and Improved Support for Right-To-Left Languages

The new version 11.30 improves documentation templates (support for optional regions was added) and it enhanced support for right-to-left languages. Also several bugs were fixed.
Documentation Generation - Template Settings
Documentation Generation - Template Settings

New Features and Improvements

  • Added support for documentation template settings
  • Added template commands: Optional, EndOptional, UserInput
  • Improved default documentation template
  • Added optional regions
    • Added glossary description
    • Added attibute tagged values
    • Added support for right to left languages to formatted text editor [RQ#1530]

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed displaying multiple-nested content from other tabs in UI Tab Control
  • Fixed saving default tagged values to default names file
  • Fixed application crash when copying and pasting some elements
  • [Mono] Fixed application crash when displaying shortcut keys
  • Fixed big font size in ribbon for higher DPIs [RQ#1531]
  • Fixed application crash when trying to close more application instances at once [RQ#1528]


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