Name Styles, Better Glossary and Alias Editor

Software Ideas Modeler 11.40 includes several interesting improvements - multiple name styles, better glossary module and new alias editor.

Alias Editor

Editing element aliases (alternative names) is much easier, if you want to edit names for multiple elements. The new Alias Editor provides better view on names in all alias groups.

Alias Editor
Alias Editor

Improved Glossary

Glossary supports definition of other names and abbreviations. You can also define name for alias groups defined in your project. If you have alias group for different languages in your project, e.g. English, German and French, you can set an equivalent name for each of these languages to glossary term.

Glossary also supports links to other project parts. You can type @YourClassName and select the class from the drop down. Now when you rename the linked class in a diagram, it will be renamed also in description of the glossary term.

Improved Glossary
Improved Glossary

New Features and Improvements

  • Added Element Alias Editor
  • Added support for aliases to glossary term
  • Added support for other names and abbreviations to glossary term
  • New element can be inserted to a diagram on single click
  • Application settings are passed to Software Ideas Server console when called from Software Ideas Modeler
  • New options for displaying name and parent name:
    • Show local name and auto parent path
    • Show fully qualified name and auto parent path
    • Show local name with parent path
    • Show fully qualified name with parent path
    • Show local name
    • Show fully qualified name
  • 'Show Parent Name' displays full parent (owner) path (instead of repository name) under name in parentheses
  • Automatic initialization of user first name and last name
  • Added new template language commands for Glossary Item: GetAlias, OtherNames
  • Added new template language commands for Project: AliasGroups
  • Added new template language commands for AliasGroup: Name, Description

Fixed Bugs

  • Added missing sidebars to menu View/Sidebars/
  • Fixed application crash when default names file is corrupted
  • Fixed closing the last tab
  • Fixed application crash after clicking in and out of font name/size box when element field is selected
  • Fixed license handling in Software Ideas Server
  • Fixed saving existing project to server (Software Ideas Server)
  • Fixed editing multiplicity in diagram editor at some zoom values
  • Fixed calculating layout for group of elements
  • Fixed (template) evaluation of tagged values for some elements
  • Fixed saving glossary term meaning when editing its content and immediately click on Add button
  • Fixed application crash when trying to add a new alias group with an already used name
  • Fixed non-working update for links to project objects in Glossary


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