Improved Diagramming and More Options with Version 11.41

Software Ideas Modeler 11.41 brings several improvements and fixes.

New Features and Improvements

  • Added option to show full project path [RQ#1533]
  • Added option to format virtual operation as italic [RQ#1532]
  • Added icons to ribbon/menu/toolbar configuration tree (Options dialog)

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed focus lost when using left/right arrows in combo box during diagram editing
  • Fixed parsing messages of UML sequence action
  • Fixed application crash when setting an existing operation to sequence message in sequence diagram
  • Fixed application crash after uploading project first time
  • Fixed displaying deleted solutions in server repository browser
  • Fixed displaying text alignment setting for setting group with different sub-settings [RQ#1529]
  • [Mono] Fixed application crash on start


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