Enhanced Requirement Diagram - Version 11.45

The new version improved the requirement diagram and fixes several bugs.

New Features and Improvements

  • Improved Requirement diagram
    • Insert requirement below/above
    • Indent selected requirements (make subrequirements)
    • Outdent selected requirements (cancel subrequirements)
    • Numbering style
    • Formatted requirement description
    • Insert links to requirement description
    • Move up/down requirements
    • Improved default layout

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed element connector copy/paste [RQ#1535]
  • Fixed element renaming after deleting its name [RQ#1534]
  • Fixed tab renaming after deleting its name [RQ#1534]
  • Fixed application crash after opening an encrypted project file [RQ#1537]
  • Fixed application crash when double-clicking empty space in diagram editor
  • [Mono] Fixed application crash when closing application
  • Fixed non-working Table/Diagram switch button when clicking on its right side
  • Fixed application crash when generating source code with properties for implicit language [RQ#1538]
  • Fixed Default source code template for VB.NET


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