Added Support for SharePoint and Improved SysML in Version 11.50

Software Ideas Modeler 11.50 brings support for downloading/uploading from/to SharePoint server. There is also a lot of improvements in SysML diagrams. New version has enhanced overall stability and it fixes a lot of bugs.
SysML Diagram Editing
SysML Diagram Editing

New Features and Improvements

  • Added support for loading/saving from/to SharePoint [RQ#342,RQ#1504]
  • Added new SysML element Item Flow
  • Added new SysML element Allocate
  • Added new SysML element Interface Block
  • Added new SysML element Binding Connnector
  • Added new SysML element Bound Reference
  • Added specific Frame tool to more diagrams [RQ#1547]
  • Improved SysML Property element [RQ#1549]
  • Improved SysML Port element
  • Improved SysML Unit element - added Symbol, Description, DefinitionURI
  • Improved SysML Quantity Kind element - added Symbol, Description, DefinitionURI
  • Added owner element information to SysML diagram frame [RQ#1550]
  • Added option to create nested diagrams from context menu in Element Browser
  • SysML diagram frame supports stereotypes

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed deleting nested diagrams
  • Fixed displaying stereotypes for some elements
  • Fixed showing port name on second time [RQ#1541]
  • Fixed moving stereotypes
  • Fixed formatted text rendering for text containing two same lines
  • Fixed application crash when resizing sidebar too much
  • Fixed application crash for auto backup to absolute path
  • Fixed drawing smart key hint [RQ#1546]
  • Fixed loading/saving element name style - Local Name [RQ#1545]
  • Fixed text wrapping of justified text in numbered/bullet list [RQ#1542]
  • Removed Instance Specification from SysML Block Diagram
  • Fixed flow port type saving/loading [RQ#1548]
  • Fixed empty heading line in Glossary section in default documentation template
  • Fixed corrupted table for enumeration items in default documentation template
  • Fixed application crash when using Use Cases documentation templates
  • Fixed application crashes after deleting diagram with enabled frame
  • Fixed application crash when trying to open the dropo-down menu of Add Element button in Element Browser and no element is selected
  • Fixed application crash when trying to add a nested diagram to element which was added using Element Browser
  • Fixed missing flow events in documentation generation by default template
  • Fixed resetting numbering in DOCX export
  • Fixed application sending to background after closing floating info windows (Element References, Associated Diagrams)


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