Improved Use Case Diagram and Fixed Bugs - Version 11.52

Software Ideas Modeler 11.52 adds new tools to UML use case diagram and fixes found bugs.

New Features and Improvements

  • Added new tools to UML Use Case diagram: Use, Precedes, Invokes

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed loading some projects with decision table [RQ#1553]
  • Fixed replace all when there is more matches in single name/text
  • Fixed deactivation of main window after closing Search/Replace window
  • Fixed diagram type selection in style set editor
  • Fixed selection outline for Stored Data element (Flowchart diagram)
  • Fixed copying elements with extended color
  • Fixed saving/loading of text added to shape from Graphics gallery
  • Fixed application crash when trying to search with checked option 'Open window with all results'
  • Fixed application crashes connected to ribbon


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