Improved Database Import Dialog - Version 11.53

Software Ideas Modeler 11.53 brings a useful improvement to database import dialog, improves template commands for formatted text and fixes reported bugs.

New Features and Improvements

  • Improved database import dialog - tables are grouped by schema [RQ#1501]
  • Template commands for text format change can convert string to formatted text [RQ#1508]
Improved Database Import Dialog
Improved Database Import Dialog

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed hidden panel closing [RQ#1554]
  • Fixed disappearing sidebars after minimizing and maximizing the application [RQ#1555]
  • Fixed possible application crash at start up when default folders file is corrupted [RQ#1552]
  • Fixed rare application crash when displaying tab thumbnail
  • Fixed displaying window outside the current screen(s) [RQ#1556]


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