Better BPMN Support and Improved Diagram Editing Experience

Software Ideas Modeler 11.70 improves BPMN export and introduces BPMN import. Diagram editing was improved in this version, especially element name editing.

New Features and Improvements

  • Auto size of edit box when typing longer text in diagram editor
  • Added BPMN Import
  • Improved BPMN Export
  • Added new model elements: BPMN Process, BPMN Category
  • Improved BPMN model
  • Added missing icons for some BPMN elements
Improved Name Editing
Improved Name Editing

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed application crash when showing Properties dialog for SysML Block [RQ#1560]
  • Fixed refreshing layout of lane after resizing another lane in its pool
  • Fixed showing Properties on double click on element
  • Fixed closing File tab page and context tab group when switching to Classic menu
  • Fixed incorrect container choice when dropping element over a relationship in container
  • Fixed moving relationship points when moving connected elements using arrow keys


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