Improved Entity Relationship Diagram and Overall User Experience - Version 11.80

The new version brings more than 40 improvements and fixes 33 bugs. The major new feature is new settings added to E-R diagrams. In addition, there is a bunch of small improvements which should enhance the overall user experience.
Entity Relationship Diagram supports different styles of attribute layout, keys and min-max notation for relationships
Entity Relationship Diagram supports different styles of attribute layout, keys and min-max notation for relationships

New Features and Improvements

  • Added Entity Relationship Diagram settings
    • Keys - Plus & Hash (+#)/PK FK/Icons
    • Cardinality - Crow's Foot/Min-Max
    • Attribute parts - Flow/Columns
  • Active tool switches to selection after inserting element from toolbox using drag&drop
  • Improved displaying glossary term in tooltip - long lines in description are split to multiple lines
  • Improved layout of Layer element in Computer Network Diagram - name is centered to bottom line of shape
  • Added dialog for setting rotation when clicking on Rotate button in ribbon
  • Added more predefined transitions to flowchart
  • Added grid type setting to Grid button in ribbon
  • Added default shortcut key for Reverse Relationship - ALT + E
  • Displaying shortcut keys in context menus of diagram editor
  • Improved freehand path tool
  • Improved rectangular relationship ends
  • Improved rendering of relationship caps when line dash style is applied
  • Enlarged width of font name list in ribbon
  • Added key navigation (Home, End, Down, Up, PageDown, PageUp) to ribbon combo boxes
  • Added key search to ribbon combo boxes
  • Improved prioritization of search results in quick action box
  • Added possibility to click through empty parts of UI Menu element and select elements under it
  • Preserving indent in the code editor in the Parser sidebar
  • Added predefined transitions to Chen Entity Relationship Diagram
  • Improved 'Create Association Entity' action to follow default line style of relationships
  • Use case can be renamed in tab bar (when it is open in a use case definition tab)
  • Use case can be deleted from the tab context menu (when it is open in a use case definition tab)
  • Added new template language commands:
    • ERD Chen Entity: EntityType, Attributes, HasKey, Keys, Relationships, PrimaryKeyName
    • ERD Chen Relationship Info: RelationshipType, Relationship, From, To, FromEntity, ToEntity, FromMultiplicity, ToMultiplicity
    • ERD Chen Attribute: AttributeType
    • ERD Chen Participation: ParticipationType, Multiplicity
  • Added support for SQL DDL script generation for Chen Entity Relationship Diagram
  • Improved rendering quality for icons in list boxes (e.g. list box with types in Filter Definition window)
  • Added diagram type name to each element type in the list box in Filter Definition window
  • Improved navigation between operation and attributes using Down/Up keys in diagram editor
  • Tables can be inserted from database sidebar to a diagram by double-click
  • Tables can be dragged from database sidebar to the canvas of the diagram editor
  • Elements inserted to the diagram editor by drag&drop are selected after inserting
  • New element dropped over free relationship end connects to this relationship
  • Improved connecting relationship to element on position where other relationships are connected
  • Getters and setters can be generated for several selected attributes
  • Pressing the Down key while editing the name of Enumeration navigates to first enumeration item or creates one
  • When setting line style to other than rectangular or rounded rectangular, auto path is turned off
  • BPMN commands can be applied to multiple selected elements at once
  • Added allowed transitions for Actor Lifeline to universal connector
  • Added support for drag&drop change of attached fields to ERD Relationship and UML Association

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed displaying description to glossary terms surrounded by punctuations or symbols
  • Fixed container area of Layer element (Computer Network Diagram), Component element (UML Component Diagram), Class (UML Composite Diagram), Node (UML Deployment diagram)
  • Fixed rendering of some elements in sketchy style
  • Fixed icon for flowchart merge tool
  • Fixed some icons in project tree and added missing icons for some elements
  • Fixed scrolling tree view to top after resizing
  • Fixed layout refreshing after including label to element main borders
  • Fixed layout refreshing after setting label position to one of predefined positions (left/right/top/bottom)
  • Fixed default field for the Diagram Description element to description
  • Fixed handling shortcut keys (F3,F4,F9, ...) from search textbox in the toolbox
  • Fixed using toolbox shortcut keys after clicking the toolbox
  • Fixed application crash when pasting some kinds of elements copied from a container
  • Fixed calculating stereotype layout for UML Component
  • Fixed application crash when trying to set font with an incorrect name from ribbon
  • Fixed scattering of elements (previously nested in the container) after changing the layout of the container
  • Fixed inserting a new element over a relationship end
  • Fixed selecting elements from disabled layer using select all/invert selection/select all of same type/tab
  • Fixed application crash when editing sequence action and try to set multiple values to a single parameter
  • Fixed parsing of expression for Message (UML Communication Diagram)
  • Fixed showing field descriptions for ERD Entity
  • Fixed application crash when try to login to Software Ideas Server without its configuration
  • Fixed missing Select Whole Graph menu item in classic menu Edit/Select/Select Whole Graph
  • Fixed definition editing after inserting and on F2 key pressed for UI Breadcrumbs, UI Button Group and UI Tabs
  • Fixed some texts in user interface
  • Fixed recalculation of font size for field editor in diagram editor after zooming
  • Fixed setting interrupting to BPMN Event after checking Throw check box
  • Fixed recalculation of label position of UML Sequence Message while moving it
  • Fixed rendering one-line UI Paragraph with Lorem Ipsum text
  • Fixed applying padding to UML Frame element
  • Fixed applying shadow to UML Frame element
  • Fixed rendering nested elements of nested elements in expansion table element
  • Fixed copying freehand stroke
  • Fixed unexpected Properties dialog closing when floating window was open (e.g. Element References)


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