Diagram Preview, Auto Layouts and Fixed Bugs

After seven days, the new version is here again.

New Features

+ More types of auto layout: rows, circle, cascade, smart
+ More diagrams can be associated to one element
+ Associated diagrams can be removed from element using context menu in the project tree
+ Diagram preview pane added
+ File association for Software Ideas Modeler added

Fixed Bugs

* Fixes and small improvements in source code generating
* Missing undo option for auto layout added
* Fixed application crash caused by double clicking on the free space in toolbox
* Fixed application crash when no element is selected and trying to generate ERD diagram
* Fixed saving of window layout settings
* Fixed adding of associated diagrams
* Fixed editing of operation parameters in Class properties window
* Other stability fixes


Download Software Ideas Modeler 3.10 (ZIP package)
Download Software Ideas Modeler 3.10 (Setup)

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