Version 3.11

Version 3.11 fixes bugs and contains also some minor changes.

New Features

+ Flat style of zoom buttons in the status bar
+ Menu item 'Generate ERD diagram' renamed and moved to menu 'Diagram\Convert To'
+ Added missing diagram types into the 'Start with...' panel
+ Opening a new window for new converted diagram

Fixed Bugs

* Fixed updating of Fast Editor content when diagram element is changed via dialog, inline editing or context bar
* Fixed binding and setting documentation of element from the dialog
* Fixed showing of context bar after double-click
* Fixed corrupted application layout for non-standard DPIs
* Fixed saving and loading of class properties ShowAttributes and ShowOperations
* Fixed working of tool which is selected when the inline edit box is visible
* Fixed some not working key shortcuts after inline editing
* Fixed rendering of text on transparent background for PNG export
* Stability fixes


Download Software Ideas Modeler 3.11 (ZIP package)
Download Software Ideas Modeler 3.11 (Setup)

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