Version 11.89 with Improved Diagramming and New Pan Tool Setting

Rectangular lines routing was further improved for some cases. Pan tool offers a new setting. Nested diagrams are shown in Folder Overview from this version. Various bugs were fixed.
New Pan Setting in Software Ideas Modeler 11.89
New Pan Setting in Software Ideas Modeler 11.89

New Features and Improvements

  • Added Pan setting 'Allow Selection'
  • Text Format dialog can be used to change font also for selected elements and fields (not only in formatted text editor)
  • Nested diagrams added to the folder overview
  • Custom ID of DFD process and DFD store can be edited directly in the diagram editor
  • Small route improvements for simple rectangular lines

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed unconnected comment connector dot rendering by its style
  • Fixed application crash when working with some elements after pasting from clipboard
  • Fixed full qualified name rendering for some elements (e.g. SysML Block)
  • Fixed locking labels to relationship start/end point for rectangular style
  • Fixed applying padding style to class template parameter fields
  • Fixed moving element in vertical/horizontal direction with CTRL pressed (it was affected by snaplines)
  • Fixed setting font name and size using text boxes in Text Format dialog
  • Fixed hiding asterisk after project name (in title bar) for saved projects immediately after saving
  • Fixed element part name 'Attribute/Operation Nullability' to correct 'Attribute/Operation Visibility'
  • Fixed invisible text in title bar when accent color is not applied for title bars in Windows 10
  • Fixed DFD gate resizing after inserting


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