Improved Diagram Editor with Better Oblique Line Editing - Software Ideas Modeler 11.90

In the new version you can find several interesting improvements. The highlight of this version is improved oblique line editing - it allows you easier to combine free direction lines and rectangular lines in a single relationship. There is also a lot of fixed bugs.
Improved Oblique Line Editing in Software Ideas Modeler 11.90
Improved Oblique Line Editing in Software Ideas Modeler 11.90

New Features and Improvements

  • Line points can be moved in restricted way by 45° from previous point (CTRL pressed) or next point (SHIFT pressed)
  • Vertical and horizontal line segments in line with oblique style may be moved in same way as for rectangular style
  • Renaming UML State/Value Lifeline directly in the diagram editor
  • Renaming states of UML State Lifeline directly in the diagram editor
  • Renaming tick labels of UML Timing Frame directly in the diagram editor
  • Editing on single click in tick grid (UML Timing Diagram)
  • Improved quick action box drop down rendering in higher DPI
  • Quick action box displays more items in drop down
  • Improved self sequence message rendering
  • Improved Control+Delete for deleting next word in editor text boxes

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed rendering buttons in sidebar title bars
  • Fixed default accent color from white to blue
  • Fixed some missing localization strings
  • Fixed timing frame ticks rendering
  • Fixed rendering name in state and value lifeline (UML Timing Diagram)
  • Fixed rendering style preview border in Styles sidebar after mouse hover
  • Fixed 'Unknown' label in the project tree for Timing Lifeline element
  • Fixed zoom behavior for small values
  • Fixed incorrect label bounds in higher DPI
  • Fixed Start Page in higher DPI
  • Fixed showing connection strings in combo box in Database Import dialog after changing database type


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