Better Linux Support and Bug Fixes

Version 3.20 is better optimized for Linux (Mono framework). The bugs reported by users of Software Ideas Modeler are also corrected.

New Features

+ Improved code generation:
+ Generation of structures
+ Generation of enumeration
+ Generation of default values for fields
+ Generation of method parameters
+ Better optimized for Mono (Linux)
+ Inline editing of data flow names (DFD) and action messages (Sequence Diagram)

Fixed Bugs

* Fixed application crash when clicking on deleted item in project tree
* Fixed incorrect saving of diacritics in PDF export (PDF export uses unicode encoding now)
* Fixed wrapping of text in PDF and SVG export
* Fixed displaying of deleted diagram in Model Overview window
* Fixed setting of maximum value of toolbox scrollbar
* Fixed application crash when trying to export into the file which is blocked with another process


Download Software Ideas Modeler 3.21 (ZIP package)
Download Software Ideas Modeler 3.21 (Setup)


andrea 31 March 2010 12:20:35


Where's the linux version? there are only .exe for windows!!! :-/

Dusan Rodina - 31 March 2010 13:58:09

RE: inlux?

If you have installed Mono ( you can run this exe file using the command "mono //SoftwareIdeasModeler.exe".

14 December 2010 14:24:05

RE: RE: inlux?

Doesn't work for me:(

I typed:

mono SoftwareIdeasModelerSetup.4.80.exe

and I got:

Cannot open assembly 'SoftwareIdeasModelerSetup.4.80.exe': File does not contain a valid CIL image.

14 December 2010 14:29:31

RE: RE: RE: inlux?

Ok, now it works - tried ZIP file. I thought all you need is an exe file, didn't know about the dependencies.

BGW 22 March 2010 10:47:00


Great job ! Thank you

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