Improved Start Up Time and Auto Expanding Bounds

Software Ideas Modeler 11.98 brings several useful improvements and fixes the reported bugs and problems.
Software Ideas Modeler 11.98
BPMN diagram in Software Ideas Modeler 11.98

New Features and Improvements

  • Improved application start up speed
  • Improved bug report from actions
  • Improved panning and auto expanding bounds
  • Safer configuration files saving

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed adding ports to SysML Block [RQ#1596]
  • Fixed applying change for relationship ends by Relationship Insert dialog [RQ#1595]
  • Fixed adjusting diagram outline so it does not jump when editing the diagram
  • Fixed application crash when clicking on a tagged value field with reference [RQ#1603]
  • Fixed application crash when restarting application from itself (e.g. when changing edition) [RQ#1600]


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