Improved Source Code Generation to C# and Better BPMN Diagramming - Version 11.99

Software Ideas Modeler 11.99 brings small improvements to C# source code generation. New transitions between BPMN elements were introduced which will improve the diagram editing when using right drag&drop and context bar.
Software Ideas Modeler - BPMN diagram
BPMN diagram in Software Ideas Modeler

New Features and Improvements

  • Added support for properties and read-only properties to interface source code generation (C#) [RQ#1609]
  • Added support for read-only properties to class source code generation (C#)
  • Added button for removing owner to Properties dialog [RQ#1609]
  • Added allowed transitions for BPMN diagrams
  • Added warning when trying to save a project outside any solution in SIM Server repository

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed refreshing toolbox after expanding/collapsing tool groups
  • Fixed saving and loading mind maps
  • Fixed context bar layout for higher DPI (context bar was too small for high dpi)


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