Software Ideas Modeler 12.02 - Fixes and Adjustments

Version 12.02 fixes found bugs and improves the work with the application.

The article about new features and improvements in version 12 is available here


  • Improved tab switching by current context
  • Auto fixing non-system end of lines pasted into the diagram edit box

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed formatted text loading
  • Fixed duplicating items in combo boxes for properites
  • Fixed version duplicating when selecting a version from Version drop down in Element Browser [RQ#1607]
  • Fixed application crash when trying to delete an element in Element Browser when nothing is selected
  • Fixed loading some projects
  • Fixed scalloped rectangle corner adjusting
  • Fixed displaying special grips for frame type which do not need them
  • Fixed undo for field styling
  • Fixed saving attribute style


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