Software Ideas Modeler 12.06 - Hot Fix

The new version fixes known bugs. Software Ideas Modeler 12.06 has considerably improved stability.
Software Ideas Modeler - Diagramming Software
Software Ideas Modeler 12.06 - Diagramming Software
  • Adjusted arrow of Message in UML Communication Diagram to conform the UML standard
  • Fixed loading project with chart legend
  • Fixed remembering background of diagram in export dialog (regression over version 11)
  • Fixed application crash when trying to add multiple same data rows to ERD entity
  • Fixed application deactivation when closing ERD entity data window
  • Fixed application crash when pasting ERD relationship to another diagram type
  • Fixed application crash when pasting elements with relationships as shared model
  • Fixed cases when pasted element may not be included to any project repository
  • Fixed loading projects with enabled change tracking
  • Fixed unwanted change of element bounds when moving a group of elements


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