Improved Diagramming in Software Ideas Modeler 12.07

The new Software Ideas Modeler introduces other improvements in drag&drop abilities. Now you may drag&drop enumeration items and instance specifications (objects) to attributes to set their types and default values. The new version also fixes the known bugs.
Software Ideas Modeler - Diagramming Software
Software Ideas Modeler 12.07 - Diagramming Software

New Features and Improvements

  • Enumeration item can be dragged and dropped to attributes to set it as default value
  • Instance Specification element can be dragged and dropped to attributes to set it as default value
  • Sort ERD entity attributes by name, type, nullability and keys
  • Improved field sorting algorithm to alpha numeric sorting
  • Improved searching diagram types - added other keywords
  • Added frame type 'interaction'
  • Option to hide Infographic Progress Bar value
  • Default line style change to Last Used
  • Multiple diagrams may be associated to an element at once

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed missing new line style items in Line Style drop down button in ribbon
  • Fixed copy/paste/cut/select all in combo box in diagram editor (e.g. at lifeline editing)
  • Fixed application crash when searching in toolbox and no result is found in a group
  • Fixed selecting and connecting communication lifelines in UML communication diagram
  • Fixed parsing communication message sequence expression parts
  • Fixed lifeline selector displaying
  • Fixed copying of some element configurations [RQ#1619]
  • Fixed pasting of element sets with two and more instances of the same element
  • Fixed setting a wrong style when undoing a dialog action for an attribute
  • Fixed displaying value for bar, rounded bar and slider progress bar in Infographic diagram
  • Fixed loose end of rectangular relation jumping to zero coordinate after selecting
  • Fixed missing stereotype end quote [RQ#1620]
  • Fixed disappearing the field when moving it to an element which does not support such fields
  • Fixed moving/coping fields (attribute, operations) to UML Data Type


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