Better Diagramming Software - Version 12.15

Software Ideas Modeler 12.15 improves reverse engineering from source code, searching and diagramming in general. Links to tutorial articles were added to the Start Page. The known bugs have been fixed.
Software Ideas Modeler - Diagramming Software
Software Ideas Modeler 12.15 - Diagramming Software

Natural Line Breaks

In the previous versions, a long line of text broke on a white space. However, the class names do not usually contain spaces. The text line used to be broken at any character and that was not ideal. The new version brings a great new way how the long names may break to fit the box.

Natural Line Breaks
Natural Line Breaks

Reverse Relationship Direction

Changing the direction of a relationship has never been easier. Just one click.

Reverse Relationship Direction
Reverse Relationship Direction with a Click

Smart Field Selection

Sometimes you want to select elements, sometimes fields. With the smart field selection setting it should be easier.

Smart Field Selection
Smart Field Selection

New Features and Improvements

  • Added list of selected articles from web site to Start Page
  • Added setting for natural text line breaking (by default activated)
  • Added new smart field selection setting (default) for Selection tool
  • Added drag&drop support for dragging a classifier to UI Field List
  • Added replace support for element documentation
  • Added Reverse Relationship to context bar
  • Improved UI Field List rendering
  • Attribute and operation default visibility can be set to a last used option
  • Chart Legend does not need any connector to a chart now
  • Element Detail does not need any connector to an element now
  • Options of some UI diagram elements were made accessible from Properties sidebar
  • Added confirmation box when removing a menu, submenu or tab in Ribbon/Menu customization editor
  • Text element (Drawing group) is added with transparent style by default (transparent background, no borders)
  • Improved bug report - added an optional text box for user description of the problem
  • Context bar for relationships is placed to a better position to not block important editing parts
  • Improved diagram redrawing performance by caching relationship hops
  • Improved C# parsing - added support for volatile keyword, readonly modifier
  • Improved syntax highlighting for C# - added keywords volatile, const, extern
  • Improved UML Package rendering when the name is displayed in its body
  • Selection of points and labels of a selected element (e.g. relationship) is preferred over others even when they are placed above the selected element

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed deleting a class with attributes after its copying
  • Fixed parsing code when comments are placed on certain positions [RQ#1623]
  • Fixed highlighting the found string in stereotypes, tagged values, class attributes, operations and rules
  • Fixed replace for class operations, rules, enumeration items, default values
  • Fixed UML class attribute creation in source code reverse engineering [RQ#1621]
  • Fixed saving/loading smooth line type
  • Fixed refreshing the properties sidebar when selection changed while the sidebar was hidden
  • Fixed application crash when trying to apply Distribute action to selection consisting only from relationships
  • Fixed extending a selection using area selection with pressed control key
  • Fixed application crash when changing the attributes of a class using Fast Editor
  • Fixed parsing auto increment when editing ERD entity attribute
  • Fixed loading when UML Package name should be displayed in its body


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